Lost your keys? Need a copy of a chip (transponder) key? Looking for that hard-to-find high security key blank? We're here to help. We offer:


Duplicate standard automotive keys.

- How can you tell if it is a standard key?

- Standard keys do NOT have a plastic casing around the head.

  Most automobiles manufactured prior to 2000 fall in this






Duplicate transponder keys (no remote head).We cut high security key blanks!
We cut high security key blanks!

- What is a transponder key?

- A transponder key has a small RFID chip in it. The RFID

  chip sends a signal to the main computer in the car,

  indicating that the car is OK to start. Even if you have a key

  with the right cuts, the RFID chip must be programmed to

  get the vehicle to start!



Duplicate transponder keys (with a remote head).

- What is a remote-head transponder key?

- A remote-head transponder key is the same as a regular

  transponder key, except that the key head  has controls

  for features such as door controls, alarm activation

  (panic function), and possibly remote car starting.



New key fobs, including programming.

- Key fobs are the remotes that control doors, set off the

  car alarm, and may remotely start your vehicle.

- They are typically attached to a key ring, and save you

  time getting into and locking down your vehicle.



* Please note that all services and fee listed above are in

  addition to our mobilization fee of $95, unless otherwise

  noted. The mobilization fee covers our time and cost

  bringing our workshops-on-wheels to you.