Key Copies

We make key copies! We charge $7 for standard residential/commercial keys, and $10 for specialized residential/commercial keys.

- Please note that automotive keys are NOT included here. Please see the automotive page for details.

- Why pay for us to make your key copies? Because unlike fixed retailers, we will test your key copies in your

  door. Why go back and forth risking bad copies or receiving incorrect key blanks? Your time is worth more

  than that. Let us handle the legwork.





Re-pinning is the process of changing the internal pins in a lock cylinder to a new key cut, and providing keys that match the new pinning. You may want to re-pin your doors if:


- You just moved into a new property, and wish to ensure that any keys handed out by the previous tenant

  cannot be used to access your home or business.


- You want to limit the access of an individual that currently has a key.


- You lost your keys, and do not know who ended up with them.


- We charge $25 per cylinder (a cylinder is the part of a lock which receives and interacts with the key). For

  example, a house with a knob-set and a deadbolt on the front door, and a knob-set on the garage door

  would have three (3) cylinders.


In addition to single-key re-pinning, we offer master system

pinning. This is the process of setting up a cylinder to accept 

We can pin a single lock to accept multiple keys
We can pin a single cylinder to accept multiple keys.

multiple keys.  Why would you want to do this?


- You have a vacation rental, and want to hand

  out a USER key to guests, but do not want the

  USER key to have access to your locked

  owner's closet. We can pin the front door to

  accept both a USER key and an OWNER key,

  but pin the owner's closet to only accept the

  OWNER key. This way, you only need to carry

  around one key for your entire property,

  while also limiting.


- You manage a complex, and want each shop

  or apartment to have an individual key. You,

  however, do not want to carry around a giant

  I-am-clearly-important keyring, overflowing

  with keys. Each shop or apartment can be

  pinned to accept an  individual user key, as

  well as a master key. You only need to carry

  one key. No more jingling everywhere you go.


- We charge $25 per cylinder, + $20 per cylinder for each additional key that is able to open that cylinder. To

  clarify, let's use the vacation rental example above. The OWNER key and USER key would both open the

  front door, so that door would be $45 ($25 + $20). The owner's closet would only be opened by the OWNER

  key, so that cylinder would be $25.



Restricted Access Key Blanks

Interested in a higher level of security? We install restricted access cylinders in most existing hardware. 


- Why restricted access cylinders and keys?


- We are the only provider IN THE STATE that carries MX8 key blanks and cylinders. This means that you

  have total control over who has a key, and who is able to repin your locks. No one can borrow your key

  and make a copy, because they would have to go through us. And we will not make any keys without

  your written consent. 


- Restricted access cylinders and keys are a step above the competition when it comes to controlling

  who has access to your property.


- We charge $65 per cylinder, and $10 per restricted key


* Please note that all services and fee listed above are in addition to our mobilization fee of $95, unless otherwise noted. The mobilization fee covers our time and cost bringing our workshops-on-wheels to you.