Push Button Locks




Also called cipher locks, these locks allow a door to be opened using a user-programmed code. We carry standalone units and internet-accessible models in partnership with Secure Lodging Systems.


Kaba P2031 Self-Powering Standalone Keyless entry lock. This install features a cover plate, which covers the deadbolt hole.





Standalone Model: Kaba P2031


- User programmable using the keypad.


- Up to 999 individual user codes can be

  programmed in (and removed)

  independent of other codes in the lock.


- Can be set to "open" mode, where the

  door stays unlocked (for instance, during

  business hours or when unloading the



- Self-powering. Never change the

  batteries! The internal battery is charged

  each time the exterior handle is worked.


- Comes in the pictured nickle/chrome

  finish pictured to the right.


- All units have a key override, which works

  whether the unit has power or not. The

  cylinder is located out of sight, behind the

  black cover on the lever.













The Oracode 660i wireless and internet-enabled lock comes in the same chrome finish as the P2031, as well as in the above pictured bronze.


Web-Enabled Model: Oracode 660i


Integrity Key Lock & Safe is proud to partner with Secure Lodging Solutions as their on-island installer. 

- Web-based keyless access system. No keys or


- Ideal for rental properties. Change codes from

  anywhere in the world with web-access. Codes can

  last anywhere from a few hours to a year. Why is

  this important? Each guest can have a separate

  code, which expires when they check out. Also,

  vendors can be given temporary access for repairs!

- Comes in the pictured nickle/chrome finish
  pictured for the P2031 above, or in the oil-rubbed

  bronze pictured to the left.

- All units have a key override, which works
  whether the unit has power or not. The
  cylinder is located out of sight, behind the
  black cover on the lever.

- 2 years warranty through Secure Lodging.

- Free 24/7 tech support through Secure Lodging.


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Here is an example of a lock we retrofitted onto a damaged door, saving our clients time and money.