Video Surveillance Systems


Are you interested in taking your security to new heights? Video surveillance offers several advantages over physical security measures:


- Deterrence. Anyone considering nefarious acts will think twice when a camera is present.


- Identification. Should a crime be committed, video evidence may provide compelling proof of identity in a

  court of law. Preventing a criminal from repeating their crime not only makes you safer, but also makes the

  whole community safer. 


- Insurance Savings. Having proof of precisely what happened in an emergency may help establish

  responsibility. In the case that an outside party is responsible for damage to your property, a video may

  keep your insurance from going up.


- Remote Monitoring. Integrity Key offers PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, as well as IP monitoring. In

  conjunction, these technologies allow a user to remotely monitor their property from anywhere in world,

  provided that they have an internet connection. Not only can the user see their property, but they can also

  move the camera to different angles and zoom the picture in or out, all from the convenience of a computer

  or smart phone. 


All properties are different, and our customers' needs vary.

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Vandal-resistant cameras keep your surveillance system active and uninterrupted.
Vandal-resistant cameras keep your surveillance system active and uninterrupted.




Vandal-Resistant Cameras


Worried that your surveillance system might be damaged by vandals or other bad actors?


Ask about our vandal-resistant dome cameras. Vandal-resistant dome cameras come in fixed-picture and PTZ options.









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