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Commercial Services

Business Lockout 

If you are locked out of your storefront or office our first step will be to pick the cylinder. If we can't pick the cylinder within 15 minutes then we may have to drill out the cylinder and replace it. 

Combination Lock Safe

We offer multiple varieties of safes for all your business needs, including drop safes and wall safes. 

We service safes from your basic combination changes to replacing hardware or, if necessary, drilling. 

Locks Change/Repair


We can rekey your existing hardware to a new key cut or replace it with new hardware of your choice.

Rekey/ Master key

We can design a master key system for your property with different levels of operation for all your needs. 

Duplicate Keys

We offer key copy services, however,  we do not certify that they will work in the cylinder unless our technician has tested them in the cylinder directly.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads


We work with many electronic lock & key pad designs and would be happy to help you find a choice that works for your company.

Gate Locks


We offer specialty padlock master and restricted systems as well as custom designs for your security needs. 

Integrity Alarm Surveillance & Access is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Custom Surveillance Systems

Schedule a walk- thru with our security professional to help you pick out and install the right video surveillance product for your commercial property needs. 

Alarm Systems

Schedule a walk through with our technician to design and install a custom alarm system design for your company.

Security Overlook

You have questions?

We have answers.

Email or call us today to help you find a solution for all your security needs. 

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